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Feature Project

My capstone project was a deeply meaningful and impactful endeavor. Driven by a passion to support the mental health and wellbeing of vulnerable children, I conducted extensive primary and secondary research on the living conditions and experiences of 6–8-year-old orphans in Cogo. Recognizing the immense trauma these young lives had endured, I wanted to integrate mental health programming into their daily classroom activities. For my first prototype, I adapted an exercise from the School of Mental Health Ontario, where the children created a flower of kind, positive words, to be displayed in their classroom. This simple yet powerful activity helped promote a safe, caring space for the students. Even after completing my capstone, I have remained actively involved with this community, continuously developing new mental health activities for both teachers and students. My project exemplifies a thoughtful, multi-faceted approach - from research to prototyping, testing and revision, to ongoing engagement - all supported by a deep compassion for improving the lives of these children. This holistic, impactful work is truly inspiring.


Democratic Republic Of The Congo



6-8 years Old






User Testing


Mental Health Support

Graphic Design Portfolio

Welcome to my graphic design portfolio. Here you’ll find a selection of my work. Explore my projects to learn more about what I do.

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