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Educational Design

The Bridge to Adventure app is a educational experience for children by playing with characters of “The Three Billy Goats Gruff” with letter sound learning.

This app combines the story of the goats and the troll with a vibrant and visually appealing backdrop, ensuring that young learners are engaged and motivated. The backdrop was found from references below and not had drawn at this time.

The use of the Futura typeface enhances readability, as the letter a is wrote out the way the children would be learning how to write it.

The option to display and pronounce words accommodates different reading levels. This app not only provides a fun and interactive environment for learning letter sounds but also allows parents and educators to track progress.

Through storytelling, interactive elements, and accessibility features, the “ Bridge to Adventure” app aims to make alphabet and phonics education an enjoyable and effective experience for children of all levels.

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