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Brand Identity

Raven Beard Company fake company for men’s grooming that offers a variety of homemade products for beard care.

The logo design and e-commerce website were created with the target audience in mine. The target audience are men of all ages who value grooming and high-quality beard products.

I created a monogram with a pictorial element, using the letter R as a base. The final result is a representation of a raven’s head, with its wings resembling the blades of a razor. The raven’s head is slightly tilted downwards to maintain the letter form, and the result is a logo that accurately represents the Raven Beard Company brands, values and personality.

The typography used for the word “Raven” was Skia Bold, a sans-serif font. The stroke on the capital “R” reminded me of a wing on a raven, giving the typography a unique and fitting touch. Its bold and masculine appearance made it eye-catching and easily noticeable. The font choice for “Beard Company” was Adobe Arabic, a serif font. This gave the company name a bit of flair and elegance, which complemented the boldness of the Raven typography.

I created a brand identity that reflects the masculine feel of the products, using images featuring the logo prominently displayed on the products and throughout the website.

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