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Book Design

The expressive fable project was to redesign the Aesop’s Fables from the last classical project. Designing a cover and spread with expressive compositions and typographic arrangement, those used were radial and dilutional, and random.

The main influence for my color choice was the simplicity of the classical look of only one color per fable. I chose dull colors and displayed in minimalistic areas throughout the spread. I chose a background of what looks like an old page that perhaps maybe from centuries ago.

The classical fables project was to explore classical page design styles and typographic conventions in the creation of a cover and spread for a classical book of Aesop’s Fables.

The goal was to make the spread display the classical appearance; these fables were once printed centuries ago. The layout of the book follows the ratios of classical book design, and imagery of that period.

I chose a bright gold making the elements stand out on a dark blue background. The white rectangle is a separate element displaying the title. The main influence for my color choice was the simplicity from the past classical project, emphasizing a limited color palette; however, adding some brightness in with a few elements. I chose the dull colors from the classical and placed them within the spread of each fable, highlighting the images and titles with those colors. The element colors that are decorated on the cover are seen on the spread to add more expressiveness, color, and cohesive feel throughout. There is a light shade of an abstract color design on the background of each page to add texture.

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