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Musical Poster

The design of the “Nine” musical poster pays respect to its inspiration of, Federico Fellini’s “8½,” movie in the 1960s Italian era. The inclusion of an Italian man as the focal point serves as a sign to the heart of the story, drawing a direct parallel to the film’s central character. Placing this figure both behind and within a film reel acts as a deliberate connection to the cinematic roots of the musical, establishing a visual anchor that links the two narratives and the journey the man is going through withing the musical.

To further emphasize the transformative journey at the core of both the musical and the film, Italian architectural elements have been intricately woven into the poster’s design at a low opacity to provide a cultural context that is essential to the narrative of “Nine.”

The integration of vibrant and lively colors of pink, yellow, and teal is a deliberate choice, mirroring the spirited atmosphere of the 1960s and capturing the essence of Fellini’s visual style. This not only transports viewers to the cinematic world but also establishes a bridge between the two works, creating a cohesive visual language.

Carefully selected typography of Nine is the typeface of Margarita that invites the audience to explore into the world of passion and intrigue within the story.

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